Sophia Mani

“Where Tradition Embraces Exceptional Hospitality”



Welcome to Mani

…where the azure waves of the Aegean Sea embrace rugged cliffs adorned with ancient tales. Nestled in the heart of Greece, Mani enchants visitors with its timeless beauty and unparalleled hospitality. Here, tradition is not just preserved—it’s celebrated in every gesture and every heartfelt welcome. Experience the exceptional hospitality at Sophia Mani accommodations, where every stay is imbued with warmth and genuine care.

A strip of land that emerges bluntly into the sea, like a ship that was petrified shortly before it sailed.

Just 28 km wide, but with an infinite soul. Manes, “Soul” means her name and she hides it in her rugged landscapes, to reveal it only to those who do not just want to pass by… “You can see Mani in three days, you can walk around her in three months but to see her soul, you need three lives … one for the sea, one for the mountains and one for the people.

Mani is a magical place at the south edge of Peloponnesus. She is special not only for her unique towers in Greece, her stone villages and her enchanting beauty, but also for her stunning nature, the history, her defiant character.

The trip to Mani is an experience for all senses, a journey that leaves indelible marks to the heart of the visitor, a journey that no one can make only once…

Entering Mani is like traveling in History. With your first steps, you feel like time has stopped, holding in this place, the ambience of another era… where the Menelaus kingdom once was, on the soil of the ancient Spartans and Byzantine emperors, and where the contemporary history of Greece really started… here you can touch the stone that once supported the flag of the Greek Revolution in 1821, here you can see the harbor almost untouched from the day the war ships sailed, here you can stay in the same towers where the warlords lived… monuments and landscapes untouched by time.

And if these reasons are not enough for you to visit Mani, this charming place still hides many secrets in its heart … powerful warriors entangled in the thread of violent history, generations tied with the code of honor, involved in deadly conflicts, legends for pirates and fairies that still haunt the ruined ramparts… In this mystical place you can feel the magic of wandering… you can discover deserted villages, surrendering in oblivion… you can explore lively, stone villages, with blooming gardens, tower houses and fertile orchards… you can walk into wild nature that alternates continuously from barren mountains to mild, lush slopes… here you can discover Byzantine churches, wedged between the cliff and the sea, exposed to the harsh sun… here you can meet the locals, these proud and tough people, who tame the wild landscape but are also very generous and warm hearted…